Seller Closing Checklist:

A Smooth Transition to Closing and Beyond

Before Closing:

  • Thoroughly clean your home, including all areas and storage spaces.
  • Remove all trash from the property and ensure it is properly disposed of.
  • Turn off shut-off valves to prevent any potential damage.
  • Leave extra keys and garage door openers in a visible location for the new buyers.
  • Forward your mail and update your address with relevant parties.
  • Cancel subscriptions and notify creditors and acquaintances of your change of address.
  • Gather appliance manuals, receipts, and warranty information for the new buyers.
  • Review the HUD 1 Settlement Agreement for accuracy and contact your agent if needed.
  • Schedule utilities to be discontinued the day after closing.
  • Secure the house, turn off lights and fans, and close blinds before leaving.

What To Bring To Closing

  • Photo identification for all sellers on the home contract.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding the closing statement.
  • A blue pen for signing documents.
  • The deed of your home if you own it outright.
  • The last set of keys and security codes.
  • Documentation of repairs made as per the Repair Agreement.
  • Termite inspections and the last property tax bill.

At Closing

    • During the closing, you will meet with your agent, the buyer, and the title attorney to sign all necessary paperwork. Outstanding balances, including the remaining mortgage, realtor commissions, prorated insurance and taxes, will be paid.
    • If you receive a profit after these expenses, you'll receive a check or wire transfer. If needed, bring a cashier's check for any additional amount.

Typical Seller Expenses Paid at Closing

      • Remaining mortgage balance (if applicable)
      • Brokerage fees
      • Property taxes, utility bills, HOA dues, homeowner’s insurance, and other home-related bills
      • Title fees
      • Escrow/attorney fees

After Closing

        • Transfer utilities out of your name.
        • Cancel your homeowner’s insurance once the title is transferred.
        • Safely store your closing paperwork for future reference.
        • Take a moment to relax and celebrate your successful home sale.
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